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My approach to care has evolved during my years in the mental health field. I have observed patients who are deserving, creative and resourceful people fall short of their dreams and aspirations for a myriad of reasons. Some perceive these dreams as unrealistic, impractical, perhaps even part of some disability. But for many, these dreams have only to be nurtured by focused energy, by freed up barriers or misperceptions. An acknowledgement and understanding of family of origin issues can be freeing and enlightening.  For others, a chemical imbalance may be preventing the attainment of their life’s desires. For this, appropriate medication can bring about a new clarity and focus that can facilitate the attainment of their goals.

I have come to understand that if only people had someone who would listen to them, to believe in them as being capable of attaining their goals, they could live a life that had previously been so elusive.  In this regard, I have incorporated many of the principles of ‘Life Coaching’, into my practice style, merging my clinical skills as well as life experience in a way that fosters growth and a more effective way of living.  I call this blended approach Living Effectively Now.  Those who work with me can anticipate a highly interactive and growthful experience as they begin a journey toward  a more fulfilling life.

Gary Kramer

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